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Wealth Management and Family Offices

Tracker PM covers all types of needs when it comes to management styles.

Portfolio management for family offices and wealth management is among the features covered by Tracker PM.

In addition to the standard different management for each account, Tracker PM allows for portfolio grouping with the possibility of applying to each portfolio and / or to the portfolio groups:

  • Exposure analysis on any type of attibute (industry sector, currency, country, market etc...)
  • Individual or global compliance
  • Ratio calculation
  • P&L calculation

Transparency management on the OPCVM allows the manager to propose a fund based management while maintaining the accuracy of the analysis and controls.

TrackerPM also allows for a sophisticated style of management and the inclusion of complex instruments within the patrimonial style this includes:

  • OT and Derivatives
  • Structured instruments
  • Swaps
  •  …

Management by Model

TrackerPM allows for the management of a group of portfolios based on an associated reference model.

Once the allocation model is defined, order corresponding to each portfolio are automatically generated while taking into acocunt the specificities of each portfolio (compliance, ratios).


trackerPM can automatically generate personalized reports and rout them directly or indirectly to the appropriate client.


TrackerPM features a CRM module that can be coupled to more generc solutions such as Outlook for the management of the mails and agendas.