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Funds of Funds / Funds of Hedge Funds

Features Dedicated to Funds of Funds and Funds of Hedge Funds Management

  • Due Diligence:
    Monitoring the selection and investment process.
    Based on customised questionnaires, each external fund is the subject of detailed monitoring with regard to its qualitative and quantitative aspects.

  • Price Chasing:
    Recording and monitoring of external funds’ NAV.
    It includes the notions of estimation and relative performance and enables the justification of past net assets as well as a re-estimation of orders in the execution phase.

  • Liquidity Risk:
    Evaluation of a liquidity scale using several methods (cash flow, exposure) and customisable scenarios. Gives visibility on asset/liability recovery risks.

  • Funds:
    Customised reference system dedicated to the administration of external management companies, their funds and shares issued.
    The securities base includes the different types of shares for hedge funds: fund share, series, side pocket, equalisation share ...

  • Transparency:
    Qualification of the risks incurred by each external fund (interest rates, currencies, markets, etc.).
    Provides an accurate analysis of a portfolio’s real exposure, and enables the implementation of risk hedging.