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Hedge Funds

Hedge Fund managers are facing a growing number of challenges due to new regulations, requests from the institutional investors and extremely demanding reporting standards.
Hedge Funds, therefore, need to ensure high performances, guarantee unprecedented transparency to their clients while providing decent operational margins.
Tracker PM is Nexfi's answer to these  challenges.

Through its state-of-the-art functions for sending orders, tracking positions, monitoring, analyzing, reconciling operations and reporting on them, the Tracker PM suite spans all specialists involved in portfolio management, be it for their own account or third parties.
Moreover, Tracker PM handles the Back Office functions, even when outsourced; it also checks the quality of the contracted tasks while preserving decision-making autonomy.

Tracker PM benefits from the latest technologies and can interact with the applications of any information system, whatever its format and protocol.

In fact, TrackerPM includes three solutions in one technology. These solutions meet the expectations of all users, whether involved in Asset Management or Family Office. Furthermore, as our solutions fully cover Strategies, NAV and Fee Calculation, Compliance and Simulation, all profiles , from managers to sales people, can take advantage of our solutions.