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Institutional Investment

Recent years have witnessed a modification in the institutional investment landscape.

The investors in the insurance sector are facing important regulatory evolutions. Mainly due to SolvencyII coming into effect within the upcoming year. Analysing, anticipating, implementing new rules and regulation are crucial for major and minor players alike in order to continue doing business in this new reviewed playing field. 

TrackerPM's features that are dedicated to Institutional Management:

  • FIFO stacks managed dynamically and separate management of social and municipal portfolios entailing two FIFO levels

  • Yield to maturity calculations (discount amortisation, Capitalisation reserve)

  • Reconciliation with the main accounting systems

  • Comprehensive management of IFRS management intentions with stock monitoring and application of constraints inherent in pre-trade activity

  • Definition of stress scenarios (yield and forex curves, credit spreads, etc.)

  • Anticipation of Return, Capitalisation Reserve

  • Management rules and configurable spread matrices