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Asset Management

Asset Management is an increasingly competitive industry, moreover it is under a regulatory scrutiny since the latest mishaps and the financial crisis in Europe and the USA.

Today the Investment Management Industry is increasingly concerned about Timeliness, Accuracy and Control of the data used by the managers to assess risk and drive investment and trading decisions.

Tracker PM with its trade based, STP, fully integrated solution provides the perfect platform to address theis problem and help the industry meet the challenged that lie ahead.

Tracker PM is a means of equipping all players involved in the portfolio management by providing advanced functions for position-keeping, order placement, control procedures, analysis and reporting.

Tracker PM interfaces with increasingly outsourced back office functions to provide management entities with decision-making autonomy and the ability to validate the work done by third parties.

Tracker PM benefits from the latest technologies and knows how to interact with the other applications of the information systems in all types of formats and protocols.

Three solutions have been packaged around the same technology and cater to all players, from the asset manager to the family office, and all profiles, from management to marketing.

 Tracker PM provides responses adapted to the needs of all types of management approach: