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Nexfi was founded in 2002 by a group of professionals operating in the financial software vendor business in order to bring new responses to the challenges of portfolio management.

The innovative concepts of the Nexfi offering are the results of our extended experience in the realm of financial software.

This is the reason why, in just a few years, Nexfi has successfully established itself as a benchmark supplier of financial decision analysis software.


Nexfi provides Front and Middle Office management solutions to financial portfolio managers.

Our customers are:

    Asset Managers
    Mutual Insurance Companies
    Pension Funds
    Private Banks
    Family Offices


Nexfi’s founders have a majority holding in the company and are all active, holding positions with responsibilities in the company.

In 2008, Nexfi invited a major international player in the banking and finance software vendor business to take a stake in the company in order to benefit from its support in relation to exports.


All our R&D, engineering, administrative and management services share the same premises in Paris, France to guarantee the maximum reactivity and quality that our clients deserve in this increasingly technical and competitive financial environement.

Sales offices are located close to our customers in Paris and in London.