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Support and Assistance


Nexfi installed a hotline enabling to remain in permanent contact with its customers and to respond as quickly as possible to any request from users, whether this is a question related to the use of their system or a new need.


Nexfi makes available to its customers a secure access to an extranet, accessible directly from Tracker applications or the website.

This extranet service consists of several areas:

        • Requests platform: 
          Enables users to submit requests in the form of time/date stamped, recorded forms.

            • Documentation:
              Generic documents updated by Nexfi as well as documents relating to each customer context.

                • Downloading: 
                  Enables the exchange of data rapidly and securely. Nexfi uses this channel to make its deliverables available to customers. It can also be used by customers to send data or information necessary for the correct processing of their requests.


We can intervene remotely to respond to our customers’ need for reactivity. Different access procedures are available to ensure compliance with our customers’ pre-requisites.