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Tracker PM - Portfolio Management System


Tracker PM is an integrated software package that covers all the functions required by managers, risk controllers and middle officers.

All asset classes
Tracker PM spans the whole spectrum of assets.

Tracker PM's design relies on financial components, thus making modelling of financial instruments and adding behaviour to them extremely easy.

A wide range of management approaches

Tracker PM is the answer to all your management needs:

  • Diversified Management
  • Fund of Funds (Traditional and Alternative)
  • Structured Management
  • Institutional Management
  • Innovation Funds (FCPI), Local Investment Funds (FIP), Employee Savings Funds (FCPE)

Native architecture
Tracker PM is a part of a full set of communication systems and protocols, it can handle all types of messages (SWIFT included) and is compatible with all communication languages of the financial world, such as FIX.

Tracker PM's workflows allow you to define and automate any type of event process.


Tracker PM General Overview